City of Utica Dog Service Update

Since February 15th, the City of Utica has taken in 33 dogs.

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City of Utica Dog Service Update

Despite hundreds of thousands of dollars being invested by the City of Utica into Anita's Steven Swans Humane Society, on February 15th Anita's Steven Swans abandoned their mission of caring for dogs from the City of Utica. As a result, the City of Utica took this on and has seen great success.

Since February 15th the City of Utica has taken in 33 dogs.

3 dogs are currently under the care of animal control.

7 dogs have been reunited with their owners.

13 dogs have been transitioned to rescue organizations approved by NYS Ag and Markets, including the newly famous Petey!

9 dogs have been adopted to new homes.

Unfortunately, through a difficult decision, 1 dog has been euthanized after a licensed veterinarian deemed the dog to be dangerous and a threat to others.

We continue to be proactive to create as many success stories as possible, and are proud of our efforts and collaborations in this new endeavor. We thank everyone for stepping up in this time of need.