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Welcome to the Office of the Comptroller



It shall be the mission of the Office of the City Comptroller to oversee the financial affairs of the City. Its responsibilities shall encompass general accounting and reporting, the collection and disbursement of funds, and the overseeing of management information systems.  Acting as the chief accounting and auditing authority of the City, the City Comptroller shall: maintain the books of original entry for the City; perform such financial functions pursuant to the provisions of the City Charter; establish accounting controls over receipt of revenues and expenditures of City funds; maintain payroll; supervise purchasing; supervise data processing; prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports; manage debt obligations; perform such other functions pertaining to the financial affairs of the City as may be directed by the Mayor, the Common Council, or by any law or by any officer of the state authorized so to do by law.  The Office of the City Comptroller shall be comprised of three units: General Accounting; Tax Collections; Management Information Systems.