Corporation Counsel

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About Corporation Counsel

Our vision of this Office is to be a pro-active, early intervention-oriented, community outreach-focused public law office that does outstanding legal work for the citizens of the City of Utica.

Under the City Charter, the Corporation Counsel serves Utica as the chief legal adviser for the City and the chief codes prosecutor on behalf of the People of the City of Utica. Our dedicated staff of 9 full-time, part-time, and volunteer public servants in the City Corporation Counsel's Office work day in and day out to fulfill these responsibilities with a commitment to excellence and integrity.

We hope this web site will help you to solve a codes problem, address a pressing neighborhood concern, or help your understanding of the legal issues faced by the City of Utica. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Pass this web site onto others.

Our office remains more determined than ever to provide the highest quality of legal work to the City of Utica. We will continue to set a standard for the aggressive and effective prosecution of codes offenses in the City of Utica. And we will never forget that we hold a sacred trust as public servants.

William M. Borrill, ESQ.

Corporation Counsel

Mission Statement

The Corporation Counsel serves the City of Utica as the chief legal adviser and codes prosecutor. Dedicated to a philosophy of pro-active, early intervention lawyering and committed to community outreach, the City Attorney provides legal guidance and support for elected officials, City departments, and boards and commissions.  Additionally, the Corporation Counsel represents the City before judicial and administrative bodies in Civil proceedings and is the attorney of record for the City on all matters either prosecuted by the City of Utica or which the City is a named Defendant or Respondent.