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Welcome To The Department of Assessment

The Department of Assessment and Taxation annually compiles the City assessment roll consisting of an assessed value for each of the City's 22,279 properties. Assessments are based on the market value of each property and are used to compute annual tax bills for City, School and County taxes. The department processes over 10,000 exemptions each year including senior citizen, veteran, non-profit and STAR.


Mission Statement

To comply with New York Real property Tax laws in establishing fair and equitable values, as well as maintain current and accurate property records for all properties within the City of Utica, while continuing to offer professional and courteous assistance and guidance to local officials and the public.

How to Contest Your Assessment

What do I do if I think the property's assessed value is incorrect (that it does not reflect the market value)?

State law assumes the assessment is correct. Therefore, property owners must prove their estimate of value is correct.

You may contact the City Assessor during office hours to discuss your assessment and how it relates to market value.

You may file a complaint with the Board of Assessment Review. The application must be RECEIVED by the Department of Assessment by Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. (ET). (see below)


The Board of Assessment Review (BAR) procedure

The formal process of seeking to change an Assessed Value or Exemptions is to make an Application to the BAR, on the required form (RP-524).

This application must be RECEIVED by the Department of Assessment by Wednesday, August 26th, 2020, at 8:00 p.m. (ET).

See the link below for the City of Utica’s Grievance form & information packet ("Complaint On Real Property Assessment Before The Board Of Assessment Review" RP-524).

City of Utica Full Grievance 2020

The owner will be contacted to schedule an appearance at a Board of Assessment Review Hearing. Sworn testimony will be requested as to what information the owner can present that would lead to an accurate market value for the property. The BAR makes a decision after the hearing and typically mails the determination notice on or about October 1st. 

Comparable Sales links are below to assist with your Grievance:

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