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Services & Programs

Summer Reading and Tutoring

Open Swim at all 3 city pools Monday – Saturday 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Summer Youth Sports Camps are free to all city youths!

  • Basketball - Children 6-14

This program teaches basic skills and fundaments of basketball. Games will be played on Friday as part of instruction.

  • Speed/Track and Field - Boys and Girls grade 7-12.

This program aims to increase athletic ability through improvements in speed and agility by scientifically proven equipment and techniques.

  • Golf - Children 6-14

This program teaches basic skills and fundamentals of golfing. The program runs Tuesdays and Wednesdays beginning in July and ending in August. Tuesday’s are for ages 6-10, Wednesdays are for ages 11-14.

  •  Swimming - Height requirements for Addison Miller and Buckley Pools 3'-6" and 2' -7" for Seymour Pool.
  • Applications for Life Guards are accepted year round. Contact the Youth Bureau at 315-223-4320

  •  Tennis - Children 6-14

The beginners class covers basic skills and fundamentals of tennis including: forehand, & backhand serve and volley. Classes are held at the Mott Tennis Courts at the corner of Oneida Street and the Parkway.