Alarm Information

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Alarm Information

As of April 1, 2002, the City of Utica has implemented a billing and tracking program for avoidable alarms at businesses and residences that require the response of the police or fire department. 

The details of this program are spelled out in Utica City Ordinance 2-15 Article IV ordained by the Utica City Common Council in October 2001.  The complete text of this ordinance is available at the link at the bottom of this page

Main points of alarm billing program:

  • The purpose is to reduce the number of emergency responses to avoidable alarms

  • All audible, auto dialing, or monitored alarms are covered by the program

  • All alarms must be registered by the owner/ user

  • Avoidable alarms are those that are triggered by human error or mechanical defect

  • The first two avoidable alarms per calendar year are not charged.

  • Each avoidable alarm after the first two is charged a fine of $50.00