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Welcome to the Division of Off-Street Parking

PLEASE NOTE:  Effective 10/27/2023 and until further notice, the City of Utica will not be accepting any new Monthly Parking Application.

The Utica Parking Authority ended its operation as an Authority on March 31, 2007.

Its employees and functions were transferred to the City of Utica and re-formed as the Division of Off-Street Parking under the City Budget. This Revenue and Expense Report was compiled using figures provided by the City Comptrollers' Office. All Authority employees did not hold any other position with the City or State in any capacity. Only two (2) parcels of land were owned by the Authority and these were transferred to the City at time of dissolution. During the past fiscal year the Authority continued to plan for capital needs at the present locations under its control and was working with the City on future parking sites.

Mission Statement

To construct, operate, and maintain parking facilities in the City of Utica and to provide safe, clean, and affordable parking for residents, visitors, and commuters to the central business district.

Off-Street Parking Permit Application