Laws and Ordinances

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Laws and Ordinances

Sec. 2-5-36. Running at large.

(A) No person owning, keeping, harboring or having the care, custody or control of any dog shall permit the dog to be at large in the city unless the dog is under leash not exceeding eight (8) feet in length, other than when on the premises of the person or upon the premises of the another with the knowledge, consent and approval of the owner of the premises. No dog shall be tied within twenty-five (25) feet of any public thoroughfare.

(B) The fact that a dog is at large in the city, other than on the premises of the owner, shall be presumptive evidence that the dog has been permitted to be at large with the knowledge of the owner or person having custody and control of the dog.

Sec. 2-5-37. Miscellaneous Prohibitions.

(A) No dog, whether leashed or unleashed, shall be in any grocery or commercial establishment which sells food for human consumption or in any cemetery, except seeing-eye dogs properly trained to assist blind persons when such dogs are actually being used by blind persons for the purpose of aiding them in going from place to place.

(B) It shall be unlawful for any person owning, possessing, harboring or having the care, charge, control or custody of any dog to allow the dog to deposit waste or fecal matter upon any street, sidewalk, park or upon any other public property or upon any private property without the consent of the owner or tenant of the private property.

(C) It shall be unlawful for any person owning, harboring, possessing or having the care, charge, control, custody of any dog to permit the dog to destroy or damage property of any kind or to permit the dog to commit a nuisance on public or private property.

(D) No person who owns a dog shall permit the premises, structures or enclosures in which such dog is kept to be unclean and unsanitary.

Sec. 2-15-58. Specific noises prohibited.

In addition to the general prohibitions set out in section 2-15-57, the following specific acts are declared to be a violation of this division.

(1) Animals and birds. It shall be unlawful to own or harbor any animal or bird that frequently or for continued duration howls, barks, meows, squawks or makes other sounds which create a noise disturbance prohibited by this division.