Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are my taxes due?
City of Utica Payment Schedule:

January Oneida County and City 3rd installment due by the end of the month.
April City 1st installment due by the end of the month.
July City 2nd installment due by the end of the month.
October School 1st installment due by the first Tuesday.
December School 2nd installment due by the first Tuesday.

Tax bills are mailed out three times:
End of March City
End of August School
End of December County

After the December due date, school tax becomes delinquent and is paid at City Hall.

Current year County tax is paid at City Hall from January 1 until March 31. After that date, payments are made at the Oneida County Finance Department, 2nd Floor, County Office Building.

How do I change the address to which my tax bills are sent?
You must fill-out proper "change of address" forms and file them with the City Assessors Office.

How much of a penalty is imposed for a late payment on current year taxes?
City Tax
1-5 days late 2%
1-5 days late with senior exemption 0%
6-30 days late 5%
Add 1% each month thereafter

School Tax
Installment Due in October:
Late during November 4%
Late during December 5%

Installment Due in December:
After the final due date (the first week of December), both penalties and collection fees must be paid in addition to the original tax amount.

Penalty is assessed:
Late Paid in December 5%
Late Paid in January 6%
Late Paid in February 7%
Late Paid in March 8%
Collection Fee is 5% of both the base tax and the penalty.

County Tax
First month past due 5% Penalty
Second month past due 6% Penalty
Third month past due 7% Penalty

Can I pay in installments?

How long do I have before the City forecloses on my property?
Two years from the original bill date.

Can I pay-off my delinquent taxes in installments?

What if I am only two days late?
Full payment of City Tax made within the first five days after the due date will carry a 2% penalty rather than a 5% penalty as charged under the old tax law?

What hours is the Tax Collection office open?
Monday thru Friday 8:30 – 4:15

If I mail my payment on the due date, do you accept the postmark as date paid?