Fire Department

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Welcome to the Utica Fire Department

The Utica Fire Department (UFD) protects 63,000 residents within 17.5 square miles inclusive with four Engine companies, two Truck companies, one light rescue (Tactical or Tac Unit), three ambulances (Rescues), and an on-duty deputy chief. The total complement is 123 members. There are four deputy chiefs; one deputy chief for each of the four platoons. Minimum daily staffing is 23 firefighters and officers (captains and lieutenants). All members with the exception of the fire chief are members of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local 32 and the New York State Professional Fire Fighters Association (NYSPFFA).

Engine and Truck companies are normally staffed with one officer and two firefighters; the Tac Unit is staffed with one officer and one firefighter; Rescue 1 is staffed with two firefighter-paramedics, and Rescues 2 and 3 are crossed staffed with members of Engine 7. The citywide shift commander (Car 204) is a deputy chief.

All fire companies are New York State (NYS) certified Advanced Life Support (ALS) first responders with at least one firefighter-paramedic at all times. Rescue companies are staffed with two firefighter-paramedics. Truck Company 1 and Tac Unit 2 carry hydraulic rescue equipment (Jaws of Life), air bags, cribbing, and other extrication equipment. The Utica Fire Department has provided first response Basic Life Support (BLS) and ALS services since 1980; furthermore, since August of 2005, the Utica Fire Department is the primary Emergency Medical Services (EMS) transport provider for the City of Utica. The Utica Fire Department is the largest provider of EMS in the Midstate (Oneida, Herkimer, and Madison County Upstate NY) region, because over 80 of our firefighters are paramedics.

Dispatching is done by Oneida County Enhanced 911 emergency services. The Utica Fire Department responds to an average of 12,500 alarms per year. Emergency medical calls account for approximately 10,000 of those calls, with the remainder being fire and other emergency calls.

Hazardous material (HAZMAT) emergencies are handled by the UFD’s HAZMAT team, operating out of Station 3. The HAZMAT team utilizes two specialized trailers pulled by two 2005 Chevy pickup trucks, respectively. The Utica Fire Department also provides HAZMAT response to the entire eastern half of Oneida County and all of Herkimer County.