PB 1-19-23

Planning Board meeting

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Common Council Chambers

January 19, 2023 – 4:30 PM


PB Case No.:  01-23                                            Zone:              Urban Mixed Use (UMU)

Address:          2214 Whitesboro Street               Requested Action:  Site Plan Review/Approval

Applicant:       Anthony Morali, AIA

Owner:            579-581 East 39, LLC                                               



Pursuant to City of Utica Zoning Code Section 2-29-291(a) and (b) the applicant is seeking site plan approval of a convert the former industrial building into a mixed-use facility that will focus on work-force housing and provide such amenities as a food court, secondary health care facilities, indoor parking and a spa that offers physical therapy, baths and sauna.


A mix of indoor and outdoor parking totaling approximately 250 vehicle spaces will be provided for the overall development.  An outdoor play area is also proposed along with 5,000 square feet of common roof gardens on the roof of the existing 6-story building.



PB Case No.:  15-22                                         Zone:          Neighborhood Mixed Use

Address:          2632 & 2634 Genesee Street     Requested Action: Special Use Permit /

Applicant:       Stewart’s Shops Corp.                                              Site Plan Approval

Owner:            Vincent Carfagno (2632)

                        JVCAJ Corp and Jeffrey Lamandia (2634)


Pursuant to the City of Utica Zoning Code, the applicant is seeking a Special Use Permit and Site Plan Approval for a proposed project at the aforementioned address.


The applicant is proposing to demolish the two existing buildings on both properties and consolidate the two lots for the purpose of constructing a gasoline / convenience station.  The proposed plan includes the construction of a 3,975 square foot, wood-framed building, three gasoline pump islands and twenty-four parking spaces; much of the asphalt parking lot that currently exists on the 2634 Genesee Street lot will be removed and replaced with topsoil and grass.  Ingress and egress for the proposed project will be via single curb cuts on both Genesee Street and Woodlawn Avenue – West.


Per NYCRR §617.5(c)(9), as this project involves the construction of a primary, non-residential structure of less than 4,000 square feet, this project is considered a Type II action under the State Environmental Quality Review Act and no further action is required by the Planning Board.  Additionally, compliance with the §239-l, m and n of General Municipal Law is not required as the project site is not located within 500 feet of any of the listed structures or uses.


The proposed site is located within the City’s locally designated Scenic & Historic Preservation District; as such, referral to the Scenic & Historic Preservation District Commission was made.  The Scenic & Historic Preservation reviewed the proposed project and ultimately voted against approving the demolition of the two buildings as proposed by the applicant, though no reason was given to support their position.  The State Historic Preservation Office has issued a determination that the two buildings are not contributing properties in the City’s S&H District.  The City’s zoning ordinance does allow the Planning Board to modify or overturn the S&H Preservation Commission decisions.


As gasoline / convenience stations are specially permitted uses within the Neighborhood Mixed Use zoning district at the time this application was received, a public hearing will be required.  Notices have been sent to property owners of record within 200’ of the subject properties; the required legal notice was also published in the Observer Dispatch.


PB Case No.:  17-22                                           Zone:                    Planned Development

Address:          Tax map #’s 318.8-1-61 & 62      Requested Action:      Site Plan Approval

Applicant:       Bonacci Architects pllc          

Owner:            Aqua Vino Real Estate Holdings, LLC /                                                                               

Utica Harbor Point Development Corp.                                                        



Pursuant to Section 2-29-373(a) of the City of Utica Zoning Code, the applicant is seeking Site Plan Approval for a proposed project at the aforementioned address; the proposal is located within the Planned Development zoning district established for development in and around Harbor Point.


The Planning Board granted Preliminary Site Plan approval to the proposed plan at its November meeting and asked Planning staff that the latest plans be shared with City Engineering, Police and Fire Departments prior to consideration of Final Site Plan approval.  At this time, Engineering Department has provided a number of review comments which have been shared with the applicant.