PB 4-21-22

Planning Board meeting

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Common Council Chambers

April 21, 2022 – 4:30pm


PB Case No.: 02-22                                             Zone:   Urban Mixed Use

Address: 2122 Oriskany Street West                      Requested Action: Site Plan Review

Applicant: Chris Stever                     

Owner: Chris Stever


Pursuant to the City of Utica Zoning Code, the applicant is seeking to Site Plan Approval for an auto sales establishment at the aforementioned address.


The new facility will be 150’ x 80’ at 12,000SF and will sell new Honda, Suzuki, Husqvarna motorcycles and ATVs. Parking will be available for approximately 12 vehicles. The applicant intends to utilize the existing access points to Oriskany St. West.  A new chain-link fence with 20’ fence will be constructed and will be flush with the front of the building, extending to the easternmost property line and enclose the rear portion of the property. Lighting will be provided from 10 wall mounted LED light packs on the perimeter of the structure. New grass lawns will be planted between the building and the westernmost portion of the property as well as in the northeast corner of the property.


Access to the showroom will be through the front of the building while vehicular access will be available via a single overhead door into the showroom area and three overhead doors into the service area. An oil/water separator will be installed within the service area. 


A Short Environmental Assessment Form (SEAF) and SWPPP have been submitted.