PB 8-19-21

Planning Board meeting

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Common Council Chambers

August 19h 2021 – 4:30pm




PB Case No.: 14-21                                              Zone:   Residential Mixed

Address:   1417, 1419 & 1421 West St                    Requested Action: Special Use Permit

         1428 & 1430 Miller St                           Site Plan Review                                                 Applicant: JCTOD, Inc.

Owner: JCTOD, Inc.


Pursuant to the City of Utica Zoning Ordinance, the applicant is seeking a Special Use Permit and Site Plan Approval for a project to be located at the aforementioned address.


JCTOD Outreach, Inc. (dba) Johnson Park Center (JPC) is proposing the construction of a community center located at 1419 West Street within the Johnson Park neighborhood section of Utica.  The building is a part of the continued efforts of (JPC) to provide positive support services for residents of this community.  

The project is located within the Residential Mixed district and will require the project obtain a special use permit and area variances.


The proposed 2-story community center will include 27 parking spaces for employees and residents in the area.  Proposed water and sanitary sewer service will be provided through connection to existing municipal infrastructure within West Street. 


Parcels to be developed currently contain unoccupied residential structures or recently razed structures.  Impervious area for the proposed building, associated walks, and drives will not substantially increase from predevelopment conditions.   To offset the minor increase of impervious area a biortention basin and porous pavement parking stalls will be constructed.  The use of porous pavement and the bioretention basin will also provide the required water quality treatment in accordance with NYSDEC regulations.  A full SWPPP has been prepared for the project demonstrating that the proposed development will not result in a negative impact on the adjacent properties.