PB 11-30-21

Planning Board meeting

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Common Council Chambers November 30, 2021 – 4:30pm

PB Case No.: 23-21                                                                Zone:  Citywide
Address: Citywide                                                  Requested Action: Recommendation
Applicant: City of Utica
Owner: City of Utica

Pursuant to the City of Utica Zoning Ordinance, the applicant is seeking a Zoning Text Amendment in order to rescind Article XI of the Zoning Ordinance entitled: Supplemental Regulations-Agriculture, Urban.

PB Case No.: 09-21                                   Zone:    Industrial Mixed-Use
Address: 1001 Broad Street                                   Requested Action: Site Plan Approval
Applicant: Durham School Services
Owner: Durham School Services

Pursuant to the City of Utica Zoning Ordinance, the applicant is seeking Site Plan Approval for a
project to be located at the aforementioned address.

Durham School Services is proposing to utilize the northern portion of the existing parking lot
located at 1001 Broad Street in Utica. The approximate area will be 900ft by 180ft, or almost four (4) acres of fenced area. Included in our application are two proposed designs to the parking area.  Both allow for up to 100 large school bus, 52 small school bus and 162 employee parking spaces.

Additional parking for management will be located near the building entrance. All parking spaces
will be striped as well as all walking paths and traffic patterns will be clearly visible. Proper
signs will be posted for speed limit within the lot (5 MPH), stop signs, pedestrian crossing, etc.

The site will be fenced with eight foot (8') chain link fencing with barbed wire at the top if
necessary. Gates will be sliding gates at each ingress and egress. Pedestrian gates will be placed
appropriately along the southern fence line. Additional lighting is to be installed on the existing
utility poles. Fuel islands, in both scenarios are at least 80 feet from the building. The 18,000
gallon propane tank is 42' x 10'. The two (2) 2,500 gallon gasoline tanks are approximately 10 feet in diameter. The applicant will present a detailed AutoCAD design and necessary fuel system
protections to the fire marshal. At the previous meeting, the applicant was granted Preliminary
Site Plan Approval, contingent upon receiving fuel storage approval from the Utica Fire Department.