PB 10-21-21

Planing Board meeting

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Common Council Chambers

October 21, 2021 – 4:30pm



PB Case No.: 17-21                                                  Zone:   Planned Development

Address: 131 North Genesee Street                           Requested Action: Sign Review

Applicant: Utica Sign and Graphics, LLC

Owner: Tavolo


Pursuant to the City of Utica Zoning Ordinance, the applicant is seeking sign approval for a project located at the aforementioned address as it is located within a Planned Development District.


The applicant is seeking to install a 25.5” by 63.5” double sided projecting sign for Tavolo restaurant.




PB Case No.: 18-21                                                      Zone:   Industrial

Address: 310 Water Street (Parcel 318.007-1-4/2)         Requested Action: Subdivision Review

Applicant: Frank Elias

Owner: NYS&W c/o Melanie Boyer


Pursuant to the City of Utica Zoning Ordinance, the applicant is seeking approval of a subdivision to be located at the aforementioned address.


This property has been used by various railroad entities since the 1880’s. The current owner NYS&W acquired the property from Conrail and formerly New York Central and Hudson River Railroad. The property currently owned by the NYS&W was a 9.6 acre parcel used for railroad activities. In 2019, NYS&W sold 0.8 acres to 300 Water Street LLC. Leaving the NYS&W with appx 8.8 acres. The applicant is requesting to subdivide 2.1 acres from the 8.8 acre parcel, allowing 300 Water Street LLC to expand its existing lot.



PB Case No.: 19-21                                                     Zone:   Industrial

Address: 1676 Lincoln Avenue                                      Requested Action: Curb Cut Variance

Applicant: James Wolber         

Owner: Indium Corp.


Pursuant to the City of Utica Zoning Ordinance, the applicant is seeking Curb Cut Variance for the aforementioned addresses.


The applicant, on behalf of Indium Corporation is seeking to cut a section curb totaling approximately 48 feet in length in order to allow for delivery traffic to their site. Indium Corporation has been manufacturing solders and pastes for the electronics industry at this location for approximately 80 years.

PB Case No.: 20-21                                              Zone:   Central Business District

Address: 1018 & 1022 Park Ave                         Requested Action: Preliminary Site Plan Review

                Tax I.D. #318.058-2-66                                                                        

Applicant: Matthew W. Meier, AIA 

Owner: Becky Carlson St. Claire


Pursuant to the City of Utica Zoning Ordinance, the applicant is seeking Preliminary Site Plan Approval for a proposed project located at the aforementioned addresses.


The proposed project is a 4 story, +/40,000 GSF, 41 unit (35-1BR, 6-2BR) NYSHCR funded new affordable housing (live/work) apartment development. The existing curb cut along Park Avenue is planned to be retained (if possible) and reused, driving in & out on the east side with the south (front) facade of the 4 story building along on Park. Approximately 45 parking spaces will be created. The ground floor level will building entry lobby/gallery and community use spaces, as well as ground floor apartments. Building identity signage will be anticipated, on the Park Ave (south) entry side, as well as the parking lot (north) side. Future public mural may be added to the western stair tower wall.


The new building is aligned along the street as per the Zoning requirement (10' max) with the intention to generally align with adjacent buildings along the northern edge of Park Avenue. Brick looking materials and vertical articulation is included to compliment the buildings surrounding the site and the modulate the front facade continuing the rhythms of the existing public realm. Light, fresh, color tones are selected to reflect the creative users within the building and to brighten the street wall. A new private public art plaza is intended to be created at the intersection of Park & Clark to improve the activation of the front yard spaces. This new plaza will also be connected to the newly planned public space improvements of the adjacent Stanley Theatre parking lot. Resident parking will be mostly located behind the new building.


A Full Environmental Assessment Form (FEAF) and Engineering Report have been provided.



PB Case No.: 21-21                                                  Zone:   Neighborhood Mixed Use

Address: 1431 Genesee Street                      Requested Action: Preliminary Site Plan Review

Applicant: Carmina Wood Morris DPC c/o Paul Lang

Owner: Liberty Affordable Housing Inc. c/o Randell Denton


Pursuant to the City of Utica Zoning Ordinance, the applicant is seeking Preliminary Site Plan Approval for a proposed project located at the aforementioned addresses.


The project entails the complete renovation and reactivation of the Olbiston Flats building, per the Department of Interior Standards for Historic Preservation, as the project will be seeking Historic Tax Credits under the review of New York SHPO and the National Park Service. In doing so historic finishes will maintained and restored wherever feasible, and where too badly deteriorated replaced in kind. Historic/existing orientation and layouts or residential units to respected and largely reused to create 150 residential apartments ranging from Studios to 2 bedrooms.


The applicant will also be procuring New York State Housing and Community Renewal (NYSHCR) financial support, and therefore improvements will be made in compliance with all design guidelines and expectations of the State. Specifically speaking, the windows will be largely replaced with aluminum clad double hung units matching the profiles of the historic units virtually exactly. Existing masonry, where bricked is to be restored, repointed and stabilized. Where sandstone, materials are to be carefully cleaned and evaluated, restored where feasible, and if beyond repair replaced with GFRC finished and colored to match/blend into existing fabric.

This complex will be brought into full building code and ADA accessibility compliance, including reactivation of exisiting elevators, and extension of said elevators to grade at the rear of the building to impress access and egress. A new glass vestibule will be built surrounding the base of the non-historic elevator shafts bringing residents to the rear parking lot and recreation space. Non-historic additions currently existing attached to the rear of the historic structure are to be demolished and original fenestration pattern returned to the building. As part of the funding streams, sustainable or green design decisions are being made to ensure that this is an environmentally responsible and sustainable project.

As the Utica Industrial Development Agency is acting as Lead Agency, the Planning Board will not make any decisions regarding SEQRA.