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County Codes Program

The City of Utica and Oneida County have established a close working relationship in order to provide the recipients of Social Services programs with safe, clean, and codes compliant housing.  Under a contract with the Oneida County Department of Social Services, the Codes Department regularly inspects rental housing inhabited by recipients of Social Service Programs.

If you are a landlord in the City of Utica and wish to rent to a recipient of any Social Services program, your tenant MUST have the rental dwelling inspected by the Codes Department.  Please urge your tenant to contact Candy Swierczek at 792-0252 to set up an appointment for inspection.  If the dwelling unit is not inspected, the Department of Social Services may withhold rent until such time as it receives notification from the Codes Department that the unit has passed inspection and is fit to be inhabited.  TENANTS-you MUST call to set up an appointment or the County will not release a rent check to your landlord and you may be forced to find alternate housing.