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    1.  Attend all regular and special meetings of the Common Council.
    2.  Preparation of Common Council Proceedings for printing.
    3.  Preparation of Legislation: Ordinances, Resolutions, Local Laws.
    4.  Preparation and Supplement distribution of Municipal Codes for Codes of
    5.  Preparation of Budget of Bureau of Common Council and City Clerk.
    6.  Dictation and typing for President and nine Members of the Common Council.
    7.  Preparation of all Legal Notices.
    8.  Certification of all adopted Legislation of Departments, New York State, etc.
    9.  Preparation of Budget Amendments and Annual Estimate.
    10. Posting and filing of abstracts of City-owned properties.
    11. Administer Oath of Office.
    12. Serve as Secretary to the Board of Estimate and Apportionment.
    13. Certification of all Board of E & A adopted legislations.
    14. Preparation of E & A Proceedings for printing.
    15. Commissioner of Deeds Services.
    16. Accept Claims against the City of Utica.
    17. Prepare Monthly financial reports for New York State.
    18. Prepare Budget for Primaries and Elections.
    19. Coordinate Polling Locations.
    20. Supervise Election Custodians.
    21. Prepare Election Notices.
    22. Prepare Election Day and Primary Day Payrolls.