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The City of Utica established a code of ethics to set forth the standards of ethical conduct reasonably expected of city officers and employees.  The code of ethics addresses certain provisions including disclosure of interest in legislation before the governing body, holding of investments in conflict with official duties, private employment in conflict with official duties and future employment. 

The Common Counsel established an Ethics Board responsible for providing ethics oversight.  The Board of Ethics is responsible for administering a system to maintain the financial disclosure statement filings.  The Board of Ethics develops procedures to review and examine the financial disclosure statements filed with the city to promote compliance with the filing requirement, and verify that officials and employees are impartial and free from conflicts of interest in fulfilling their public responsibilities.  The Board of Ethics helps ensure that the local government operates in a transparent and ethical manner and local government officers and employees act in the best interests of taxpayers and are not conflicted by personal interests. 

Annual Statement of Financial Disclosure 2021

City Code of Ethics:

Ethics Complaint Form

Board Members: 

Elizabeth Snyder Fortino, Chair

Joseph Langlois                                 

Ronald Gaetano                                 

Jeanette A. Spina       

Emilie Raymond

Tracey A. Mills


c/o City of Utica

Office of the Corporation Counsel

1 Kennedy Plaza, Utica, NY  13502


Fax:    315-792-0175