City of Utica’s zoning ordinance.

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Yesterday Mayor Palmieri introduced an ordinance which would update the City of Utica’s zoning ordinance.


The proposal would bring the city’s zoning more in line with the city’s master plan which was adopted in 2011.  


Some of the changes and updates in the proposed ordinance are as follows;


  • Simplified language that incorporates more graphics to make zoning regulations easier to understand for developers and particularly for ESL (English as a Second Language) residents


  • Reduces number of zoning districts from 19 to 10


  • Regulates neighborhood convenience stores through a license/permit process as opposed to zoning (which gives the City greater ability to police and enforce regulations)


  • Incorporates more modern zoning uses such as brewpubs, dog daycare facilities and large solar farms and solar accessories that aren’t addressed in the city’s current zoning


There are many steps in adopting such an ordinance.  The Common Council and City of

Utica Planning Board must schedule separate public hearings.  Only after the Common Council and Planning Board conducts its respective public hearings can any proposed changes be adopted.  


Incorporated into the ordinance, at the request of the Mayor, is language relative to expanded public notice that was introduced by At-Large Councilperson Mark Williamson and approved by the Common Council late last year.  The language ensures neighbors, within 200 feet of any site for which the Planning Board will be conducting a preliminary site plan review, be formally notified.


Mayor Palmieri stated, “As our city has grown over the past several years, it is important that our zoning ordinance reflects the positive changes that have been made in our community.  I look forward to working with the Common Council and residents in the coming months to update our zoning map and help facilitate continued economic development.”