Adirondack Bank is donating $8,000 to the City of Utica for a new police dog

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Mayor Palmieri today announced Adirondack Bank is donating $8,000 to the City of Utica for a new police dog. 

Earlier this year, City officials began seeking assistance in obtaining the necessary funds to train a new police dog to support the Utica Police Department (UPD) in patrol functions and narcotics detection work.

During that time, the City reached out to Adirondack Bank to inquire as to whether they would be willing to give a donation to help offset the cost of obtaining the K-9.  Without hesitation, President/CEO of Adirondack Bank, Rocco Arcuri, pledged $8,000 to cover the cost of obtaining and training a new dog. 

The newest addition to UPD, K-9 Dak and his partner Police Officer Kyle Piersall, will be fully certified in narcotics detection and patrol field work in September of 2020. 

With the addition of K-9 Dak, UPD’s complement now consists of 4 dogs, all with varying skills and abilities that are utilized to keep our City safe and perform functions only K-9s are capable of fulfilling. 

Mayor Palmieri stated, “On behalf of the City of Utica, I extend great thanks and appreciation to Adirondack Bank and Rocco Arcuri for their generosity.  Our police dogs are highly trained and our community and UPD personnel are safer because of Adirondack Bank’s donation.”


Adirondack Bank President/CEO Rocco Arcuri stated, “We are pleased to be able to provide this donation to assist with the safety and security of the entire community.  We would like to welcome K-9 Dak to Utica and wish him and Officer Piersall a long, successful and safe career with the UPD.”

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