Barefoot Appointment Effective July 2nd

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Barefoot Appointment Effective July 2nd


Mayor Robert Palmieri today announced the appointment of retired Captain James Barefoot as Temporary Chief of the Utica Fire Department, effective July 2nd, 2018. 


Captain Barefoot is a Veteran who served three years in the United States Army and 32 years as a member of the Utica Fire Department (UFD) before retiring in 2012.


Captain Barefoot is a decorated fire fighter who is highly respected among his colleagues and peers.  Captain Barefoot is a small business owner and will be stepping aside from running his business to focus solely on serving as Temporary Fire Chief. 


The Mayor made the decision to appoint a Temporary Chief after consulting with UFD personnel and Members of the Common Council. 


Mayor Palmieri stated, “Captain Barefoot is an exceptional fire fighter, leader and role model that members of the Utica Fire Department look up too.   The City of Utica is fortunate to have a great public servant like Captain Barefoot serve in this capacity, and I am confident he will do an excellent job bringing leadership to the Utica Fire Department.”


Captain Barefoot stated, “I love the Utica Fire Department and I’m honored to be given the opportunity to once again serve the residents of Utica.  Our men and woman do an outstanding job protecting our community, and this is an opportunity to restore public confidence, reinvigorate the Department and move it forward.”