Mohawk Valley Health System

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Joint Statement by Mayor Palmieri & Comptroller Morehouse


From the beginning we have supported the Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) Board’s decision to construct a state of the art medical facility in downtown Utica. 


We believe this project presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring transformational change to our community. 


While our support for a downtown hospital is steadfast, as leaders, it is vitally important we examine all aspects of this issue and strongly advocate for Utica’s best interests. 


With respect to financing the parking garage, initial discussions included a 50-50 split between the County and City.   After careful deliberation it was determined this amount would put too much pressure on the City, and we made it clear a 50-50 split was not feasible. 


The County increased their contribution to 60%, decreasing the City’s financial obligation by approximately $5 million over the life of the bond.


Furthermore, the City recently facilitated a meeting with MVHS officials and came to an agreement for potential sharing of revenues generated by the parking garage.


The facts of this matter were thoroughly reviewed by the Comptroller’s Office, Budget Office and three independent CPA’s.  While this is a major investment for the City, we understand the economic potential the hospital brings and support the City financing 40% of the parking garage in order to move this transformational project forward.