The City must correct the inaccurate statements....

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For Immediate Release: May 17, 2017



          The City must correct the inaccurate statements made by Chief Brooks’ Attorney, James Roemer, Esq., that part of the reason for denying Chief Brooks’ 207-a claim was that he was not acting within the scope of his employment during his activities at the World Trade Center.


          As stated earlier, the City has always acknowledged Chief Brooks and the eleven other firefighters were in the scope of their employment and any statement to the contrary is completely false.


          In response to the City’s request for Chief Brooks to release his medical records and personnel file so the public can obtain the answers they are seeking, Chief Brooks called on Mayor Palmieri to release his medical records for an injury sustained during Storm Stella.


          Despite the fact Storm Stella has nothing to do with this situation, in the spirit of full transparency and to bring closure to this matter, Mayor Palmieri will sign a release to make public his medical records from Storm Stella in hopes Chief Brooks will do the same.


          It is important the public understands that all of Chief Brooks’ medical records need to be released in order to have an open, fair and informed public discussion. 


Furthermore, Chief Brooks’ statement disparaging a highly respected medical doctor is unfortunate.  It should be noted this doctor has always shown independence and has issued medical opinions, both in favor of the City and in favor of the firefighters.   If the evidence is as strong as Chief Brooks claims, then his Attorney should have no objection releasing his entire case file. 


All employees must be treated equally and consistently.   It is important the public realizes all appropriate procedures were followed in this case, and Chief Brooks did not receive any differential treatment.


          At the end of the day, the law is more important than politics.