WEBVTT 1 00:00:02.634 --> 00:00:16.824 He's there right? We're doing the annual meeting first. Yes. Yeah so, annual meeting first. So it's called meeting to order. Can I get had approval of the minutes of January? Fifteen th, twenty twenty. 2 00:00:19.015 --> 00:00:24.774 We'll be on this one. Correct? Some of Brian. 3 00:00:28.164 --> 00:00:42.234 Favor favor. Hi, Mike says I. alright. 4 00:00:42.744 --> 00:00:56.604 Edification of all actions taken from April. One to March. Thirty one. Can I get a motion on that? I got it first from Joe Beatrice. Second in France. 5 00:00:57.479 --> 00:01:05.364 Second from Brian Thomas. Well, they were all right. Closed. 6 00:01:06.780 --> 00:01:20.069 So moved information on board members. Are there any changes there check the mayor wants to propose or? No, no we're all good. Like we are. Alright. 7 00:01:20.064 --> 00:01:22.254 Can I get a motion from the board members? 8 00:01:26.250 --> 00:01:29.394 Motion motion by brain Thomas, 9 00:01:29.814 --> 00:01:41.484 I can even quicker around later because we're gonna we're gonna wait for the whole meeting while we're working as fast as we can. 10 00:01:41.484 --> 00:01:42.655 I'll cover. 11 00:01:47.875 --> 00:01:48.745 We want to post. 12 00:01:50.219 --> 00:02:05.094 So moved, so, I mean, there's no old a new business. Can I get a motion to adjourn to move to the regular meeting Frank? Yeah, but I think motion. Yep Brian. 13 00:02:05.334 --> 00:02:10.944 Brian had a first. Was there a second there you go? 14 00:02:12.300 --> 00:02:12.685 Is that. 15 00:02:16.500 --> 00:02:16.949 Okay, 16 00:02:18.625 --> 00:02:33.085 so we're all right regular meeting regular meeting the order in here somewhere yeah. 17 00:02:33.895 --> 00:02:43.314 Minutes for the January. Fifteen. Th, and may fourth meetings will be presented at the next meeting. Okay. 18 00:02:46.405 --> 00:02:54.474 So approve February nineteen th, okay. I get a motion to approve the February nineteen th, meeting minutes. 19 00:02:58.465 --> 00:03:08.425 Eva Avon first second, right? One second yeah. Second. 20 00:03:08.425 --> 00:03:08.754 Sorry, 21 00:03:10.555 --> 00:03:11.125 Brian Tom, 22 00:03:11.125 --> 00:03:11.634 a second, 23 00:03:14.185 --> 00:03:26.485 I'm gonna go through a quick list of the documents that needed to be that everybody had reviewed for the public authority serve in number three under action. 24 00:03:27.895 --> 00:03:29.185 The procurement policy, 25 00:03:29.185 --> 00:03:30.564 the investment policy, 26 00:03:31.224 --> 00:03:32.335 the bylaws, 27 00:03:32.485 --> 00:03:46.254 the mission statement operations and accomplishments and mission mission and measurement report an assessment of internal controls of which were sent to everybody previously 28 00:03:49.465 --> 00:03:52.824 things that send a full compliance with the public authorities law check. 29 00:03:53.395 --> 00:04:07.944 Correct? And just as a quick update, I, the auditor is going to be I provided all the while ninety five percent of all of the information that the auditor had requested. He is going to come in on the twenty third. 30 00:04:08.875 --> 00:04:20.334 Next Tuesday to finalize any other last minute questions that he has and then I'm looking to have him provide me with a draft of the audit. 31 00:04:20.904 --> 00:04:27.415 And I'll provide that to Vin I will say is the most qualified to review. 32 00:04:27.745 --> 00:04:36.685 I don't think that there's going to be any issues and then to hopefully have a a final out to everybody by month. 33 00:04:36.745 --> 00:04:38.305 And so, 34 00:04:38.305 --> 00:04:39.685 if we can do that, 35 00:04:40.105 --> 00:04:43.225 and then with these public authority documents, 36 00:04:43.254 --> 00:04:49.375 and also the other information that I put into the parents system, 37 00:04:50.545 --> 00:04:56.154 we should be in compliance without needing to go the extension that was provided by the state. 38 00:04:57.475 --> 00:05:08.574 So while I'm just trying to keep us off the naughty list and their status preferring was preferring that everybody comply with the original dates booked if you do, 39 00:05:08.574 --> 00:05:13.225 need it because of the commitment and just not being able to meet on a timely basis. 40 00:05:13.764 --> 00:05:19.795 Then you, you can be granted that, but I try to keep everybody in compliance right from the get go. 41 00:05:20.639 --> 00:05:25.404 Okay, perfect. Can I get a motion to approve all the authority documents? So we get a file. 42 00:05:26.845 --> 00:05:30.295 I got it, it will be trust first. I got. 43 00:05:33.120 --> 00:05:46.555 Likewise one hour did he really? Second favor? I so moved committee updates partners. What's up Lisa? 44 00:05:46.915 --> 00:06:01.644 Paul I'll I'll lead us through so you have provided a memo update to for the meeting so these are updates to that memo we have from the consult 45 00:06:01.644 --> 00:06:02.725 team Alison. 46 00:06:02.754 --> 00:06:16.944 Paul myself, Bob and Melanie, and we're gonna go write down the agenda. We're gonna start with canal Corporation. We've had a number of phone calls with them canal Corp and, and I'm gonna kick it over to Melanie for an update there. 47 00:06:20.310 --> 00:06:29.785 Thanks, Lisa. I'll, I'll get the update on canal core, so we did have a meeting and canal Corp sent over a revised contract. 48 00:06:31.194 --> 00:06:40.735 They had two major changes in the contract one being that they want to push out occupancy from March twenty, twenty one until August. Twenty twenty one. 49 00:06:41.819 --> 00:06:46.014 So that's the first issue. The second issue is. 50 00:06:49.524 --> 00:07:04.375 They want to keep that well, they have to work there. They have to stay there under an occupancy permit or occupancy agreement and they're intending. I'm leaving their equipment in the nineteen thirty three building will remove it with sixty days advance. 51 00:07:04.375 --> 00:07:11.004 Notice from the LTC. And then the third, the third one was. 52 00:07:12.954 --> 00:07:20.095 The condition of the nineteen thirty three building on conveyance and the technical team over at canal corporate, 53 00:07:20.095 --> 00:07:20.605 I believe, 54 00:07:20.605 --> 00:07:27.415 had the call with Paul and maybe Lisa to to go through some of the conditions in the building, 55 00:07:27.415 --> 00:07:28.975 and how it would be conveyed. 56 00:07:28.975 --> 00:07:43.105 So that has been put into the contract, and it just needs to be internally review before it's agreed upon. So, I don't know Paul, if you want to speak to what? That condition of the building is relative to specifice and mold. 57 00:07:43.105 --> 00:07:57.834 And I think electrical, there's a couple in the memo that I sent right before this call, which has the condition Adam put together. I think Paul has it. Yeah, I did. Why just keep it simple? 58 00:07:57.834 --> 00:08:12.714 I mean, the, you know, they're gonna still do the mold payment and they'll do a specialist only if they need to do in conjunction with them all to the rescue as best as, you know, is will be left to the just like any other building. 59 00:08:12.714 --> 00:08:22.435 They, they would convey the, they will close the spell number and give us documentation. There was a spill that happen in the Halloween storm. 60 00:08:23.394 --> 00:08:34.735 And electrical is, you know, there's really not anything there other than they're gonna keep to some pumps running and then the electrical service will be moved over. 61 00:08:35.519 --> 00:08:40.195 From, you know, canal Corp to yeah, how do you see it? 62 00:08:40.284 --> 00:08:51.625 At some point, when it's transferred, That'll move the responsibility to pay that electrical to the the only thing cause with them. 63 00:08:51.625 --> 00:09:00.174 What we came up with is they really don't. It would it would be a lot easier for them, the canal Corp on the mold issue. 64 00:09:00.264 --> 00:09:05.335 If they knew that we're planning to demolish the addition on the backside of the three, 65 00:09:05.335 --> 00:09:07.375 three building on the field side, 66 00:09:08.215 --> 00:09:19.195 which was in later addition and laughs. 67 00:09:20.184 --> 00:09:29.125 I heard that. Yeah. Yeah. So that was, that was a later addition. 68 00:09:29.995 --> 00:09:41.875 It's, it's a wood structure edition at least, and I need to confirm that Shippo has no interest in it. We don't think they do and that would make it easier for canal Corp. 69 00:09:41.875 --> 00:09:49.254 so in good spirits and good partnership, we're gonna try to confirm that. 70 00:09:49.375 --> 00:10:02.875 And we've also talked to the developer, how do you see speaking to an El has no interest in that edition. So, that was one thing that came out of discussions with them is kind of meeting them that way. 71 00:10:05.309 --> 00:10:06.745 The rest of the stuff is equipment, 72 00:10:06.865 --> 00:10:07.254 you know, 73 00:10:07.315 --> 00:10:14.575 just making sure that there's some equipment that might need to be moved later than, 74 00:10:14.815 --> 00:10:15.235 you know, 75 00:10:15.595 --> 00:10:21.565 anything that needs to be moved on the equipment will be tagged and logged. 76 00:10:22.105 --> 00:10:33.205 So, anything that's there that maybe is there after the transfer that will be removed later. We'll have a tag on it from canal Corp that says that this is a piece of equipment that will be moved. 77 00:10:34.495 --> 00:10:48.929 Are they starting work on any anymore? Oh, now the bulk of the bulk the cap on the bulk and walls is complete. Okay. 78 00:10:49.134 --> 00:10:58.585 So that, I believe Paul is outside of some last minute punch list items for all intents and purposes off the site. Right? 79 00:10:58.825 --> 00:11:07.855 So, we're doing the punch list items, and we still need a meeting with the owner to go over that. You know, they have a couple of claims that we need to resolve. 80 00:11:09.235 --> 00:11:17.725 So, we need to set up that meeting by WebEx or whatever, do the punch list. But, yes, we're moving towards closing out that contract. 81 00:11:22.884 --> 00:11:34.855 Then I would just add to cause we have been focusing on the March twenty, twenty one and they're now asking him to stay there until August twenty, twenty one and under partners. 82 00:11:34.855 --> 00:11:38.095 We have Mohawk Valley garden if I can skip National grid for a minute, 83 00:11:38.605 --> 00:11:39.804 because they're there obviously, 84 00:11:40.110 --> 00:11:42.745 and they, 85 00:11:42.774 --> 00:11:45.570 we spoke with Rob on they, 86 00:11:45.565 --> 00:11:45.985 I think, 87 00:11:45.985 --> 00:11:46.674 Monday afternoon, 88 00:11:47.095 --> 00:11:56.485 and they're looking to start their design work in the summer of twenty one to go to construction. 89 00:11:56.820 --> 00:12:01.375 Twenty two, so them staying on that site until August. 90 00:12:01.679 --> 00:12:09.205 It doesn't present a problem with Rob's schedule the mbd schedule, if does have to get on that. 91 00:12:09.205 --> 00:12:18.625 And maybe Melanie to confirm empty does need to act like, they would perhaps have to get a work permit from canal court. 92 00:12:18.654 --> 00:12:27.210 And canal Corp is aware of all of this so we don't see, it isn't an issue that it's now pushed to August of twenty one, right? 93 00:12:27.205 --> 00:12:41.004 And we actually had canal Corp add that provision to the contract just so that we were clear that that might, or you have to get on site, right? They gotta be out of it. 94 00:12:42.325 --> 00:12:42.654 Well, 95 00:12:44.575 --> 00:12:45.325 what well, 96 00:12:45.325 --> 00:12:45.475 it, 97 00:12:45.684 --> 00:12:47.184 they're saying August twenty, 98 00:12:47.184 --> 00:12:47.965 twenty one, 99 00:12:49.195 --> 00:12:50.034 but I think, 100 00:12:50.274 --> 00:12:50.634 you know, 101 00:12:50.664 --> 00:12:52.764 that's their best guess right now, 102 00:12:52.914 --> 00:12:54.565 based on their relocation plans, 103 00:12:55.404 --> 00:12:58.615 and they're willing to put it in the contract there. 104 00:12:59.455 --> 00:13:05.304 Sorry if you repeat that last sentence. 105 00:13:06.625 --> 00:13:15.264 Just that they were willing to put that August twenty one, twenty, twenty one date into the contract. So, you know, it's somewhat of a commitment from them. 106 00:13:20.455 --> 00:13:26.125 They were asking the to understand that, you know, to work with them. 107 00:13:26.664 --> 00:13:40.375 It's delays that they feel were cause of covet that, you know, they were hopeful that, you know, we talked about March and June, but it just became unrealistic. You know, the covet situation. 108 00:13:42.865 --> 00:13:55.164 Are we gonna take title to their property? In the meantime? Yes. Yeah. Melanie, we can, we can start talking about closing as soon as we sign the contract. 109 00:13:58.705 --> 00:14:08.514 Are we comfortable with that at this point Paul to closing on it? I mean, the wall, any risk analysis is done, is it all is a sight all cleaned up? Yeah. 110 00:14:08.695 --> 00:14:20.455 As long as we, you know, we go through these items as long as the mold situation is taken care of in the spill number closed, then yes, we could proceed with transferring it. 111 00:14:20.455 --> 00:14:24.955 And then whatever the lease back can stand at least back is not only in Bob telling me, but. 112 00:14:25.230 --> 00:14:36.085 You know, that that can start to happen and when we look at August twenty, twenty one, is that a firm date or is that negotiating from there? 113 00:14:37.975 --> 00:14:44.875 It's it's gonna be, I think, I mean, they're putting it in the contract, so everyone's proceeding with that expectation. 114 00:14:46.284 --> 00:14:57.325 You know, another yeah, that's a good question given, you know, in New York state finances and and, and the ability for the state to fund the new facility, you know, who knows? 115 00:14:57.355 --> 00:15:11.695 I think they're probably exasperated themselves and just want to put a date in there and probably have resolved amongst themselves that if we can't get out by then, you know, what we'll have to renegotiate. That's probably, you know, on the back room what they decided. 116 00:15:12.445 --> 00:15:15.475 I don't know if we'd want to do this, but we. 117 00:15:16.434 --> 00:15:27.325 We maybe we put some damages or or some rent in there. If they don't leave by August. Now, of course, they can't promise that either. So I'm just throwing it out there to the group. 118 00:15:27.565 --> 00:15:39.894 You know, my worst case scenario is they'll squat there after August and it could adversely impact anything we're trying to do. We might have a better chance to remove them. 119 00:15:39.894 --> 00:15:49.434 If we had contracts that had deliberately contingent on you to come our on the canal court being vacated by then. 120 00:15:49.860 --> 00:15:59.184 So, you know, if that was the case, we'd be in a stronger position to force them out, because we would have real damages, but it's a, it's a dance here. 121 00:15:59.215 --> 00:16:12.414 I suppose we, you know, if we throw in damages around that, then then then we're gonna introduce months of delay because they'd have to get that approved by their board and, and, you know, more of bureaucracy or we accept it. 122 00:16:12.445 --> 00:16:26.304 Recognize that that's what the agreement says. It's an enforceable right and if we move full speed ahead, and actually have a need to have them vacate August, you know, we would let them know that well in advance, which would, you know, force them, push them to get out of there. 123 00:16:27.715 --> 00:16:35.274 So so what kind of delay I mean, if we ask for damages or the clause or something like that, I'm gonna move until August anyways. 124 00:16:35.274 --> 00:16:43.134 So, I mean well, yeah, what can we go back and let them let it stay the way it is, where they're still in there and all the bills and. 125 00:16:43.679 --> 00:16:56.125 So, we get some kind of hammer of some sort to use with them. They may ignore it but at least, you know, just to be clear, they're only going to be staying in the two buildings. There they are vacating for the most part. 126 00:16:56.125 --> 00:17:03.774 The nineteen thirty, they're not using that they need parking and the two out buildings. So I don't know how that plays into future plans, but. 127 00:17:05.244 --> 00:17:17.365 They felt to me, I got the impression that they felt comfortable with that August date, and we're willing to put it in the contract. Let me add to that. 128 00:17:18.144 --> 00:17:22.825 I just sent it around to a bunch of people canal Corp actually put on an expression of interest. 129 00:17:24.595 --> 00:17:32.724 For their new facility, it came out on the ninth and it's due. 130 00:17:37.615 --> 00:17:51.474 I don't see the due date here, but it's due in a few weeks here. So they're looking for a consultant to finish the design for that facility. They're gonna go. They're moving to Frank for. I think that's like nineteen. 131 00:17:56.484 --> 00:18:04.525 So, I, they're they're pretty. They're pretty serious. And it looks like they're, they're money's committed. 132 00:18:06.025 --> 00:18:12.835 Due date this Friday on Friday. Okay. 133 00:18:15.119 --> 00:18:21.234 Okay, well we can go get the contract wrapped up done. 134 00:18:21.234 --> 00:18:33.055 So taking on the mission of the, the back part are we taking on that? Or are we pushing that on time? Dj. 135 00:18:37.795 --> 00:18:52.375 With the demo say that again the sorry, Brian, what you're thinking in terms of who's their responsibility for the demolition of the back office part? Is that L. D c's responsibility? 136 00:18:52.375 --> 00:18:53.305 Are we gonna push that on to. 137 00:18:55.375 --> 00:19:07.164 That's part of it's a, it's a small structure. I was, we were gonna try to put it into the CSA the next with state dollars. 138 00:19:10.494 --> 00:19:22.285 Okay, you know, I I guess it depends, you know, so there's a bunch items that we would try to get in this state state dollars and all this all plays into the sale costs of the property. 139 00:19:22.285 --> 00:19:34.285 The more they certain things that the developer doesn't do. Then, you know, then probably the can get more money from from the developer on the, the purchase of property. 140 00:19:34.285 --> 00:19:40.855 And so I think, you know, I think that all gets taken into account in the negotiation of the sales price. 141 00:19:42.414 --> 00:19:52.525 Okay, national grid no updates on the substation. 142 00:19:53.789 --> 00:19:54.625 There's a new, 143 00:19:54.654 --> 00:19:56.335 our main person they're retired, 144 00:19:56.575 --> 00:19:57.055 Mike, 145 00:19:58.105 --> 00:20:00.535 but we have a new contact person, 146 00:20:00.535 --> 00:20:02.815 and we haven't gotten any updates from them, 147 00:20:03.865 --> 00:20:05.964 although now I'm gonna kick it over to Paul, 148 00:20:06.775 --> 00:20:12.295 because they're looking at trying to put a crane crane near the bulk had walls. 149 00:20:12.384 --> 00:20:14.634 So, Paul, you want to explain that situation. 150 00:20:16.105 --> 00:20:17.934 Jack, can you put up can you share that? 151 00:20:20.035 --> 00:20:32.934 Yep, one of those one of those national let's see what email it is staging area. Yeah. Try that. One hang on a second is one with two boxes. 152 00:20:34.884 --> 00:20:36.174 The two different locations. 153 00:20:40.674 --> 00:20:41.755 Can everyone see that? I don't know. 154 00:20:44.815 --> 00:20:50.005 Help you got to hit share then pick the right screen. Okay. Hang on. Let me do it. 155 00:21:05.244 --> 00:21:05.994 Sorry folks. 156 00:21:08.634 --> 00:21:21.625 Well, well, just trying to get that up so they basically, they they've got, they've proposed two different location. One of them is away from the bucket while it's on the National grid side. 157 00:21:21.625 --> 00:21:27.744 It's where they were, they launched their boats already. 158 00:21:28.944 --> 00:21:41.605 The other one was near our wall and they can now car forwarded this information to us to hopefully can display and we're taking a look at. 159 00:21:41.785 --> 00:21:46.855 I, I can't show it because it says that I'm recording and that's one of the things that blocks me from sharing. 160 00:21:48.295 --> 00:21:53.575 I think I can share mine. I apologize, thank you. Oh, okay. 161 00:21:57.355 --> 00:22:11.424 I just wanna say to, for those on the line if you move your mouse over to the left hand side, there's a magnifying glass. And if you click on the plus one and all zoom in, it will zoom in for you. 162 00:22:11.785 --> 00:22:15.775 I'll make this thing as I can, but if it's still too small, you can zoom in also on your end. 163 00:22:18.690 --> 00:22:19.349 So, 164 00:22:20.724 --> 00:22:22.164 I sent back to Joe Maloney, 165 00:22:22.164 --> 00:22:23.154 I can now clarify say, 166 00:22:23.154 --> 00:22:26.065 can't you just sell National grid to use option a, 167 00:22:26.335 --> 00:22:29.005 and I don't wanna bother with this, 168 00:22:29.755 --> 00:22:30.295 you know, 169 00:22:30.565 --> 00:22:32.275 being this bar, 170 00:22:32.305 --> 00:22:32.484 you know, 171 00:22:32.484 --> 00:22:37.555 this crane being near our wall and Joe said, 172 00:22:37.555 --> 00:22:37.974 well, 173 00:22:38.095 --> 00:22:38.424 you know, 174 00:22:38.424 --> 00:22:39.355 if it wasn't I said, 175 00:22:39.384 --> 00:22:41.095 it's gonna be in the way of the road project, 176 00:22:41.154 --> 00:22:41.724 basically. 177 00:22:42.474 --> 00:22:53.154 And then he said, if what if they, they screwed it down towards the other corner would that be okay? And I said, well, and then we need to talk to our structural engineers. So. 178 00:22:55.045 --> 00:23:09.204 I kicked it over to our structural guys and they're taking a look at what would might be a safe distance from the wall event's National grid to tell them a little bit more about the loads and, you know, that's where I'm at. And that's where we're at. 179 00:23:09.204 --> 00:23:17.365 We're waiting for national grid to give us some more information about the loads. My concern is more than the structural more than the lot load narrow wall. 180 00:23:18.055 --> 00:23:30.684 My concern more is if they drop something on our new cap and chip it or whatever, aesthetically heard it where the repair would never be would look as good as the. 181 00:23:31.859 --> 00:23:34.734 Existing wall, so. 182 00:23:36.414 --> 00:23:45.414 And if you had haven't had a chance to go and look at, it is, it is very, very nice and great. Yeah. Yeah. So. 183 00:23:47.095 --> 00:23:57.565 You know, we can come back to, I don't know if there's any action we want to do, unless you want to tell them, you know, no deal on option B whatsoever. We're not we're not entertaining that. 184 00:23:57.565 --> 00:24:04.525 Or, if we wait until they give us the load information, get information from our structural engineer, I mean, we could basically say, you know. 185 00:24:07.404 --> 00:24:11.454 Option B, the LTC needs more information to sign off on it. 186 00:24:12.894 --> 00:24:27.714 Yeah, I mean, we want to play nice for them because they know they're gonna move there station so I'd rather have Monday, but if they can protect us on me, and it helps with what we're trying to accomplish with them. That's fine too. So yeah. 187 00:24:27.984 --> 00:24:28.434 Okay. 188 00:24:29.424 --> 00:24:35.305 Why don't we suggest we'll give him option be? As long as they give us a permit for all the, the land we're looking for for the recreational area. 189 00:24:37.825 --> 00:24:50.904 Perfect that was the semi joke. Laughs laughs. Yeah. Okay. Alright. Yeah. 190 00:24:50.904 --> 00:25:03.355 Tell Joe that, that, you know, we need more information will still entertain it with information from the engineers. Yep. Okay. Yeah. Alright. Garden. 191 00:25:05.694 --> 00:25:12.775 Yeah, we had a good meeting with them. We are. We're starting to lay out obligations for the. 192 00:25:14.069 --> 00:25:26.484 Lbc Valley and the joint obligation and right now we're working with Brian and Jack to get an appraisal of that property. We'd like to have that appraisal done in July. 193 00:25:28.075 --> 00:25:40.855 Then we'll get the contracts going to convey the property to them. Hopefully have the contract in place in September. 194 00:25:42.684 --> 00:25:54.924 And we'll have to subdivide out the property that, that we put into the request for expressions of interest. This is about two point seven, nine acres to. I'd like to do that in September as well. 195 00:25:57.269 --> 00:26:00.444 Then at my notes. 196 00:26:02.664 --> 00:26:14.214 We are currently also on the on the L. B. C. we were awarded or the city was awarded a grant from department of state in two thousand. 197 00:26:15.000 --> 00:26:27.835 Team, I think for the design of the prominent and those surface treatments and all of that around on on the new focus. Well, so that's part of the LBC obligations. 198 00:26:28.884 --> 00:26:37.464 We are advancing that design right now and over the next LBC meetings should have something to share with. You really just got started in that effort. 199 00:26:39.569 --> 00:26:49.674 While gardens is starting to look at designing in starting their design work in. 200 00:26:50.785 --> 00:27:04.134 First quarter first the second quarter of twenty, twenty one finishing their design work in the first quarter, twenty, twenty two and really looking to start the construction in the fall of twenty two. 201 00:27:05.005 --> 00:27:18.174 So it's a little ways out of course. But that's okay, because we have all the other moving parts with canal Corp, in terms of getting that property ready for there. First covet affected a lot of different things. 202 00:27:18.924 --> 00:27:24.505 But the, but they're still committed to moving forward and are excited about the project. 203 00:27:24.750 --> 00:27:38.005 So will set up another meeting at Paul and I, our intention last Monday was really just to kind of regroup after kind of almost posting pandemic and talk with Bob or Rob. 204 00:27:38.605 --> 00:27:42.775 And so, what I'll do is refine the milestone schedule. 205 00:27:42.775 --> 00:27:55.825 And then then I suggest, maybe we get the property committee subcommittee together, and we'll just keep in touch when we get these back for that property, we'll subcommittee meeting with them. 206 00:28:01.315 --> 00:28:03.444 Alright, design, engineering bulk. 207 00:28:09.684 --> 00:28:15.174 Ultimate interest, I have to get the good guys. I got, I got it another thing with work. 208 00:28:23.700 --> 00:28:27.025 Signing off, Joe do we have anymore? Do we have anymore? 209 00:28:28.795 --> 00:28:43.164 We have any more actions to take Jack. Nope, no, I have no actions on my part. I, I'll go to Paul Lisa and yourself to see if there's anything out there that we just have updates. 210 00:28:44.845 --> 00:28:45.085 Yep. 211 00:28:49.704 --> 00:28:57.055 Over the state now. Okay. Alright. 212 00:29:01.765 --> 00:29:06.684 The bulk head, Walter, just reporting that they're complete laughs. Big deal. 213 00:29:09.234 --> 00:29:11.035 We wanted some pictures up, 214 00:29:11.035 --> 00:29:13.194 but we weren't able to get them in time for today's meeting, 215 00:29:13.644 --> 00:29:21.325 but I don't know Allison if we want to do any try to do anything of when we can meet in person or or I guess any, 216 00:29:21.384 --> 00:29:23.515 any of you can go down and look at the walls, 217 00:29:25.289 --> 00:29:26.454 but apparently they're beautiful. 218 00:29:27.684 --> 00:29:42.174 And I are meeting with the tomorrow tomorrow at ten. So there'll be an interview. So hopefully there'll be good footage then. Is that gonna be live or just a recording. 219 00:29:43.049 --> 00:29:57.954 Recording record, and I was gonna see if are photographer can come down at the same time and just try to capture some photos. I'm sure he would love to do that. Oh, I'll take Paul. Go, Brian. Maybe publicly. 220 00:29:58.015 --> 00:30:04.434 So, yeah, and he's got a drone actually, which would be kinda cool seeing from coming in from the water. 221 00:30:06.805 --> 00:30:11.275 Yeah, oh, gotcha. Yeah, although have a drone and makes me a little nervous, but good. 222 00:30:14.184 --> 00:30:28.615 Yeah, the only unfortunate thing is that well, unfortunately or fortunately, I mean, the weather has been so dry and water levels, way way down from the average water level that the main water level. 223 00:30:28.615 --> 00:30:37.494 So so, the wall, the entire cap is showing, where is in some of the sheet pile showing. So normally you wouldn't see the sheet pile at all. 224 00:30:37.494 --> 00:30:51.744 You would just see the nice concrete well, that that's the only bombers, you know, you don't really get a feel for what it's gonna look like normally, but it still looks great but just the water level is definitely a plane with the aesthetics a little bit. 225 00:30:53.009 --> 00:31:04.315 So, I mean, Alison, you make sure the camera setup gets a good angle well, back out, like, in a couple of weeks as well. 226 00:31:04.315 --> 00:31:17.575 So, some better ones but okay. And then punch list items that Paul's working through with them, but largely almost a hundred percent finish there. 227 00:31:18.535 --> 00:31:31.555 But lump security. Paul. You wanna go over that temporary. We're just trying to keep people out until we get the other project going the road project going. And we put a temporary fence, and along the end, the wells dev. 228 00:31:32.394 --> 00:31:46.224 It's already been tampered with a couple times. We kind of put it back in place. The title. Good has as the temporary fence subcontractor to go back out and see if they can secure a better but, you know, people keep people keep going in there. 229 00:31:46.615 --> 00:32:00.115 Mike Mahoney did notify you to could please, I did have a conversation with one of the unit policemen the other day, who was on that route was who polices that area and he was going to make it part of his normal routine. 230 00:32:00.384 --> 00:32:11.005 But so we are trying to keep it people out of there. Hopefully, we'll get a little bit better secured but, you know, these, to get back there and fish they really are. 231 00:32:11.005 --> 00:32:17.035 And I don't know if, you know, we're just not gonna keep everybody out, but at least we've got the signs up and get the fencing. 232 00:32:17.035 --> 00:32:29.035 We're doing everything we can, you know, and I don't think that's the area for boat launch, because I don't think that's a great area to get people in and out of there, because around a bus right there. 233 00:32:29.394 --> 00:32:38.335 So, in the end of the day, when we designed the marina launch, we're probably we're National grid. Has it right now on the other side versus over there? 234 00:32:41.305 --> 00:32:52.164 So, anyway, we're working through those issues. The fencing is I texted on to the nineteen seven team, the temporary fence that nineteen seventeen building found in foundation contract, because we want to close the buckets. 235 00:32:52.464 --> 00:33:01.765 So, I didn't want a temporary fence situation, you know, ongoing while we're trying to close this contract. We shouldn't have, you know, items need to be closed out. 236 00:33:05.184 --> 00:33:15.474 In seventeen building, we are working through there. We didn't get we thought we'd have a change order before this meeting or a proposal from Tyler before this meeting. 237 00:33:15.714 --> 00:33:30.204 Hopefully, the proposal fits into the contingency contingency amount we have, but they're just, you know, when we raised the building up and you can inspect it in detail. Now, hand over hand, underneath in the undercarriage, we found some problems that need to be fixed. 238 00:33:30.805 --> 00:33:44.875 We have a plan from our structural engineers if how to fix that and toga has enough information to put a cost together to do that. So, these are the four beams, you know, there's nothing to do with the new foundation. It's the four beams. 239 00:33:44.875 --> 00:33:55.015 The seventeen structure. Some of them are missing. Some of them are cricket. Some of them are rotted, you know, so I had to get a detailed plan and how to fix those. 240 00:33:59.035 --> 00:34:13.014 Do you say one? Really, right now we're just trying to get through the wetland permit. We're having a bit of trouble with the Buffalo core, you know, they, they, they have a, it's same thing to happen in data center. 241 00:34:13.284 --> 00:34:20.965 You know, they, they feel that he sees that that is not the route final developer, and at the resume conceptual level documents. 242 00:34:21.474 --> 00:34:32.635 And and that's not what they want to do, they want to review final documents to see if things can be moved around and et cetera, et cetera. We're working through that with them. 243 00:34:32.755 --> 00:34:46.164 We're gonna show them that there's not there's maybe two different road options, and both of those mean that those things need to go away. We, we already preserved the best area of wetlands. 244 00:34:46.315 --> 00:34:49.074 So I've been working with lease. I'm working with Steve. 245 00:34:49.074 --> 00:35:01.434 I clear to try to get this the wetland permit through we need the permit before we start fill in some more before we start to fill that some more simultaneously. 246 00:35:01.434 --> 00:35:06.960 We're getting soil samples we're looking at so quick phase, 247 00:35:06.954 --> 00:35:09.655 two profit now to see if that will work for us, 248 00:35:10.405 --> 00:35:16.914 the National Center soils the network for us because they mix too much shale in the souls. 249 00:35:16.914 --> 00:35:29.454 They took off an innocent data center. Sales are the sales. Are a problem, because the sales are expandable. We can't use it on our site, because it could screw up parking lots. 250 00:35:29.454 --> 00:35:41.005 It could heave screw building foundations. So, we're looking at another sole source now and and now in White's town for the to the second part of this quite creek project. 251 00:35:41.514 --> 00:35:48.085 So, hopefully that so can be will meet our criteria and be able to brought over to dsa one. 252 00:35:51.684 --> 00:35:59.784 And that's the, you know, once we get this, all moved over there and spread out, that's the last of the, what we need to do under that original. Go ahead. With the. 253 00:36:04.074 --> 00:36:09.385 Okay, or is it if you get that picture, I can do it again. 254 00:36:24.030 --> 00:36:25.914 Okay, do you see that? Yup. 255 00:36:26.364 --> 00:36:33.235 So this is out in the streets it's out to bid I'd say, 256 00:36:33.445 --> 00:36:41.605 because it's Department of state monies that so only municipality can can get those monies and the way we wrote the memorandum of understanding with. 257 00:36:42.780 --> 00:36:55.704 City view to care the city finances, public infrastructure components, and then finances the prep activities related to private development. So this fits into the the city side. 258 00:36:57.684 --> 00:37:11.155 So this is the city of Utica project, but, you know, obviously there's a, there's one one thing about this, that this is pretty similar to everything you've seen. 259 00:37:11.184 --> 00:37:26.094 I guess it's just, I might've mentioned two things, you know, you, you can see how we're trying to finish off the landscaping. It's there now, with the play, like, cut concrete and make it look like a barn block and then the brick pavers and the landscaping. 260 00:37:26.094 --> 00:37:34.255 We're finishing that area out and we're putting, you know, crosswalk connections to the other side. It's over here. 261 00:37:34.824 --> 00:37:42.445 We've got a we've got an entrance being designed into thirty, thirty three parcel that is looking at. 262 00:37:43.135 --> 00:37:48.235 We have another entrance designed into the home too, 263 00:37:48.235 --> 00:37:58.434 and how they in lots that we hope that visions will want to use because it's it's a great entrance utilize there for, 264 00:37:58.465 --> 00:38:00.655 for both access to both those hotels. 265 00:38:00.655 --> 00:38:07.735 So that seems like in both your parking, lots, your level in that area. So I would hope that they would take advantage of that. 266 00:38:10.375 --> 00:38:11.784 The round about you can see, 267 00:38:11.784 --> 00:38:15.144 we didn't put the legs on it because we, 268 00:38:15.175 --> 00:38:15.894 we, 269 00:38:17.184 --> 00:38:19.135 there's two different configurations obviously, 270 00:38:19.135 --> 00:38:20.545 the LTC and I think, 271 00:38:20.574 --> 00:38:20.815 you know, 272 00:38:20.815 --> 00:38:26.244 our master plan prefers a loop configuration where you put two more legs on this. 273 00:38:28.945 --> 00:38:38.905 I I suppose the developer could come in with just one more leg and come up in the middle of the site and do a call the SEC or something like that less desirable. We believe. 274 00:38:38.905 --> 00:38:49.914 But so we didn't want to finish the legs until the developer got in through back here. But that's the one thing we'll do with the core of engineers. 275 00:38:49.914 --> 00:38:58.644 We're going to show them the two different options, because that's basically what it is, two different options in both of them impact the wetlands that are over here in a way that they really can't stay. 276 00:38:58.644 --> 00:39:07.764 So, but anyway, that's that's what we did with the, and it saved us some money that building out these legs and we don't want to build something that we need to rip out later. 277 00:39:08.070 --> 00:39:22.945 So, this, once I kind of start Paul, probably mid July, this, you know, we've got about eight bidders on this well, a plan holders. We don't know if all of them are bid, but a plan holders have picked up. 278 00:39:25.224 --> 00:39:25.855 And so, 279 00:39:25.855 --> 00:39:26.275 we, 280 00:39:27.864 --> 00:39:28.164 this, 281 00:39:28.255 --> 00:39:29.304 this orange thing, 282 00:39:29.304 --> 00:39:30.295 as a ten foot trail, 283 00:39:30.295 --> 00:39:35.724 so that picks up to ten foot from our entrance road from our entrance and at ten foot, 284 00:39:35.755 --> 00:39:39.474 if you had been done or tennessee's free now that you see the doing well, 285 00:39:39.474 --> 00:39:40.344 their work there, 286 00:39:40.795 --> 00:39:43.614 they're they're putting this ten foot sidewalk all the way up, 287 00:39:43.764 --> 00:39:47.364 and then over the same over the broad and John street bridge, 288 00:39:47.875 --> 00:39:49.494 and to connect to watch bro street. 289 00:39:49.494 --> 00:40:02.965 So that's really the Ray hill trail connection that we'll bring into our site and bring it all the way to the Roundabout. So it's that's pretty exciting. This parking lot here is right now asphalt is very cheap. 290 00:40:05.215 --> 00:40:16.914 We hoping we're gonna get some good prices given the timing of this. It opened up an opportunity to while under budget to do a little bit more. So we put a parking lot in here as an alternative. 291 00:40:17.394 --> 00:40:29.514 It's not, it's, it's it can be deleted from the project that it could be awarded or, you know, as an alternative. You can award it or you might not award it. You might decide not to award it again. 292 00:40:29.514 --> 00:40:41.905 It's a city beautiful project, but I would think the city of would file the recommendation on whether, you know, the considered the price, the alternative considered the budget and determine if this lot to go here. 293 00:40:42.894 --> 00:40:43.795 If they want in here, 294 00:40:45.534 --> 00:40:46.795 one of the criticism, 295 00:40:46.855 --> 00:40:58.644 one of the things we got all along was we got a lot of complaints about not having parking programmed in this gives us I think like twenty eight spots or something. 296 00:40:59.454 --> 00:41:00.684 It's an area that. 297 00:41:02.905 --> 00:41:15.505 You know, we have this line of sight, the line of sight restriction we have from visions over here. So there's nothing that can be built in their line of sight. So, the round about, in the parking lot are low and able to see over. 298 00:41:17.244 --> 00:41:31.224 I think Lisa put parking on the water, but, you know, this could be, I think, from lisa's perspective a convertible space for activities as well. It doesn't have to be just the parking lot. 299 00:41:34.945 --> 00:41:42.954 Yeah, back on the and because, you know, it's water front, right? And you don't want to get the car is the best view. 300 00:41:44.244 --> 00:41:53.905 We now have, you know, the grant to design the whole prom and then the, you know, the service treatment, the light benches, you know, banners, et cetera. 301 00:41:54.954 --> 00:41:59.335 And so if this were to come in at a price, that seems reasonable. 302 00:42:00.085 --> 00:42:12.324 There may be a way that we could design this so that it could be easily converted with, like, easy up tense or something like that for any type of federal space and use for parking part of the time. 303 00:42:12.324 --> 00:42:20.755 But specials are gathering areas, et cetera for other times. That was my compromise. 304 00:42:22.735 --> 00:42:31.735 You know, you do need some parking, I think, with marketing this seven team building, which is looking great. Now, that's all straightened out. There's a lot of room for pedestrian. 305 00:42:31.735 --> 00:42:41.184 And again, when we do design and bring in the lighting and the features, there's a lot of room for public is kind of tucked back here. So it gave us an opportunity. 306 00:42:41.275 --> 00:42:52.525 You know, I think that, you know, I would love to see the visions give back up to this other plot over here for parking as well. At some point. Maybe there's a deal to be made. 307 00:42:52.525 --> 00:43:02.034 But, I mean, you know, it still need some more parking help. You know, for the, for the marina for the, you know, for the harbor, but. 308 00:43:02.849 --> 00:43:17.574 So, yeah, I think that's everything. I, it's a, it's a nice little project. It certainly brings us to the next step and then, you know, right now we're leaving it, you know, there's gonna be would take the temporary fence and we'll put some a more secure fencing at the end of this. 309 00:43:17.574 --> 00:43:25.224 Because this would be a re, completed road and probably won't be able to be opened up as soon as it's done and scan it by. But you need to be restricted until such time. 310 00:43:25.945 --> 00:43:40.135 And now, carp is out of there, and we sort out the liabilities associated with a better access to the lanes and when everything else. So it's gonna be built and then restricted access for a little while anyway. 311 00:43:40.735 --> 00:43:45.025 So good. Yeah. Divisions. 312 00:43:47.400 --> 00:43:54.085 Where are we on the visions property? Anybody? Yeah, I can jump on and on that. 313 00:43:54.085 --> 00:44:04.284 So I just wanted to clarify one thing that Paul said when you talked about construction of that round about, did you say this July like, next month? Right? 314 00:44:05.545 --> 00:44:20.454 So, I guess following along with that, we had we have been going back and forth with visions attorney. He did the circulator revised contract that talk about the height restriction and site line. 315 00:44:20.454 --> 00:44:35.034 And he was pretty clear that he wanted his language in the contract. So, we just wanted to confirm that what he presented in that contract is is actually what the LBC agreed to and Lisa. I don't know if you can pull up that figure. 316 00:44:36.385 --> 00:44:39.175 Yeah, I was looking for it, so yeah. Alright. I got. 317 00:44:40.855 --> 00:44:52.375 Yeah, no, go ahead and bring up a second. Okay. So, we just need to make sure that what Rob is asking, is actually what the LBC agreed when it works for their plans. We, you know, we did have some concerns. 318 00:44:52.889 --> 00:45:04.255 He had mentioned a six foot height restriction and we didn't know if there were lamp posts. That would be in the way or some kind of road something having to do with the roadway. That would somehow violate that. 319 00:45:04.255 --> 00:45:10.494 So, I think we just need to work through what that restrict how that restriction should be worded before we agreed to it. 320 00:45:13.795 --> 00:45:13.974 Yeah, 321 00:45:14.215 --> 00:45:15.355 we were yeah, 322 00:45:15.835 --> 00:45:16.675 the blue, 323 00:45:18.085 --> 00:45:19.105 if you recall, 324 00:45:19.255 --> 00:45:31.585 so this yellow area is the new what we call a new parcel and then Patel attempts purchase this and build a hotel so they didn't want anything in their line of sight to the water. 325 00:45:32.545 --> 00:45:47.394 So, we agreed to dedicate an area here and this is where they don't want anything over sixteen height, but we do have to we may have a, I don't think we'll have a traffic light, but like, polls, et cetera. So, traffic safety devices. 326 00:45:47.875 --> 00:46:02.304 I think we have to. It's but in part of the filling and grading plan that or Brian and get put together this whole area. We're gonna set aside for storm water treatment. But, it also is involved with the wetlands. So, it's a little little complicated that way. 327 00:46:02.304 --> 00:46:05.514 But we don't see an issue of. 328 00:46:06.360 --> 00:46:09.715 Trying to restrict the height structures in that area. 329 00:46:10.644 --> 00:46:20.844 Does it matter that he talks about the current grading of the site? Like the, the, the fact that it wouldn't be sixty higher than it is right now? Does that play into the discussion? 330 00:46:23.815 --> 00:46:24.144 Well, 331 00:46:24.144 --> 00:46:26.574 the grading doesn't raise it six feet, 332 00:46:26.695 --> 00:46:26.994 but, 333 00:46:27.324 --> 00:46:27.594 I mean, 334 00:46:27.594 --> 00:46:28.195 I think again, 335 00:46:28.195 --> 00:46:29.244 we can clarify that, 336 00:46:29.244 --> 00:46:32.905 and it's simply clarify that in the language there, 337 00:46:32.905 --> 00:46:33.264 you know, 338 00:46:33.324 --> 00:46:41.934 that no new structures above six feet except this does not include filled does not include light poles or overhead electric or, 339 00:46:41.965 --> 00:46:42.264 you know, 340 00:46:43.585 --> 00:46:46.315 I think we can simply put put that in there to clarify it. 341 00:46:46.974 --> 00:47:00.894 Okay. And then the, the one other thing he wanted is for LTC to provide a survey, a boundary survey of that restricted area area as well as the legal description. So, I don't know if that's something that Delta can do for us. Well, we wanna do. 342 00:47:01.675 --> 00:47:13.795 We need to do that before the need then in this purchase agreement to well, he's, he's adding it as a condition of the purchase agreement. So that he can clearly define what the restricted area is with a description and a survey. 343 00:47:15.355 --> 00:47:16.885 We need this thing really fair. 344 00:47:16.885 --> 00:47:30.894 So I know, so I, that that's the second part of this problem or this contract issue first is the fact that we've got a contract that's signed by the city hotels has not yet signed it due to Rob's comments. 345 00:47:31.409 --> 00:47:43.315 So, I guess once we clarify the restrictive covenants that he needs and confirm that, maybe we can move past that get the contract signed. We have a draft contract out to the city. 346 00:47:43.800 --> 00:47:55.585 For conveyance back to the, but that has its own issue with the roadway and if we want to carve out the roadway or need it back to the city later. So probably, I know you, and I spoke about that. 347 00:47:55.614 --> 00:47:58.224 I don't know if we have to resolve it right now, 348 00:47:58.255 --> 00:48:02.034 but I would say the easiest thing to do is at this point, 349 00:48:02.215 --> 00:48:05.635 because I don't think we realized at the time that this is department state grant, 350 00:48:05.635 --> 00:48:06.295 and it's the city, 351 00:48:07.195 --> 00:48:07.824 you might, 352 00:48:08.065 --> 00:48:18.355 you're better off constructing roadway what's city view to owning that parcel and then it can convey whatever's leftover outside the city right away back to DC. 353 00:48:18.840 --> 00:48:33.175 Okay. So that's important. Because Kate was thinking, she was going to flip it like, literally a minute after the city acquired it, it would be turned back over to D. C. but it sounds like maybe that's not way to proceed given the road construction. 354 00:48:33.594 --> 00:48:35.695 Right right. I get it. Flip to. D. C. 355 00:48:36.684 --> 00:48:49.800 can you get it flipped to city and then do the work and then you gotta get the road dedicated officially and then and then take care of the portion. Okay. 356 00:48:50.304 --> 00:48:52.434 So while that sorry. 357 00:48:53.280 --> 00:49:04.764 Paul, I assume the road is being built to face back. Absolutely. Yup. It was fully reviewed by by Jean and the engineering department. Cause that would hold up us taking ownership of it. 358 00:49:06.059 --> 00:49:11.219 Right now the engineering department was was involved all the way through. Perfect. 359 00:49:12.414 --> 00:49:26.155 So, how is it possible that, while the road is being constructed on city property we could also address the, what I believe is a subdivision issue to create the new parcel that will ultimately go to patel's entity. 360 00:49:27.534 --> 00:49:38.304 Because I don't we have a description of that yet. Yeah. So if I'm sending him out there, I'll get him get them both. We, you know, we have to new parts. 361 00:49:38.304 --> 00:49:49.945 So, we'll have again, we'll have to determine, probably was where the city, right away and I want to make some we'll figure that out. I guess we can kind of get out there and have him do both. 362 00:49:50.699 --> 00:50:05.394 It just, you know, we weren't anticipating that doing that. We didn't know there was gonna be a delay, so I gotta, I thought they were just gonna attach this drawing and we'd be fine, you know, that we didn't need a legal boundary. 363 00:50:05.965 --> 00:50:08.605 Well, I mean, I'm, I'm happy to go back to him. The first. 364 00:50:08.605 --> 00:50:10.224 We heard of it was last week so, 365 00:50:10.465 --> 00:50:10.735 I mean, 366 00:50:10.735 --> 00:50:18.414 maybe we can put him off on that and he's gonna want something though I guess there's a third part in that is some sort of letter of intent or some, 367 00:50:18.715 --> 00:50:29.934 some guarantee or assurance that upon acquiring the balance of the visions parcel will convey new parcel to the new Patel entity. 368 00:50:30.510 --> 00:50:44.635 So, maybe that's just as simple as a letter of intent or well moment it's about. And we talked about this too. Of course, the irony there is to do that. Yes. Party agreement with the city, and we drafted it and then they didn't want to do that. 369 00:50:44.635 --> 00:50:52.525 So now they actually want what we wanted to do two years ago, but notwithstanding any of that wouldn't the one a purchase sale agreement. 370 00:50:53.574 --> 00:50:56.394 Executed to convey new parcel. 371 00:50:57.539 --> 00:51:07.795 Satisfy that, or are we, or should we just do a letter of intent and then deal with that purchase sale agreement later? What do we think the most efficient thing to do? 372 00:51:08.244 --> 00:51:17.275 Well, I guess it depends on how quickly we have a description of new parasol, and we won't have title to new parasol if the city's holding onto the whole piece while they're building the road. 373 00:51:18.085 --> 00:51:29.605 Could would it could, could we do like, a, can we draft the purchase agreement to be contingent on cities convenience of, of certain properties you know, something, you know, somehow described? 374 00:51:29.664 --> 00:51:42.414 Yeah, we could do, like, we could certainly do a draft contract and have placeholders in there or contingencies built in, for the final description, and contingent upon LTC getting title to that to that land. 375 00:51:43.074 --> 00:51:46.224 And we already have the form of the contract that we wanna use. 376 00:51:46.224 --> 00:51:59.514 Anyway, I'm I'm just Larry Bob, because of time where we're at the eleven th, hour now, they have to take title to the piece that's ultimately going back to Patel. 377 00:52:01.945 --> 00:52:14.364 They don't need to take we need to fill it first. That's the only thing that happened has doesn't hasn't seemed to understand you gotta it can't be conveyed until it's filled. We can't do filling work on public on private property. 378 00:52:15.059 --> 00:52:26.155 Can you do on the city property though but what if the city just retain titled? Can they not do that? And then just convey the piece directly divisions from the city or must it go through LTC? 379 00:52:27.775 --> 00:52:41.099 Well, I thought you're talking about new parcel. I am never mind. I forgot about Arctic ice. Okay. I don't have the map in front of me. So, nevermind, my, I'm okay. I get it. Okay. 380 00:52:41.664 --> 00:52:52.135 I know we're in the eleventh hour, I'm just thinking, you know, is it six and one half those? No. Okay. We could draft a very simple letter of intent then, of course, we need to go back to the board because we don't have authority to sign a letter of intent. 381 00:52:52.135 --> 00:53:02.335 We have authority to sign a per sale agreement or a melee and I could, because we have ninety percent of a contract drafted the sales new parcel to. 382 00:53:03.324 --> 00:53:13.405 Visions and we can put in the, you know, the contingencies here, you know, assuming we obtain title from the city. I think we can build that in there. 383 00:53:13.860 --> 00:53:26.724 And then, and then the all three agreements purchase sale agreements can get signed at the this at the more or less the same time. Sounds like visions isn't gonna sign the, the, the sale agreement to the city until everything's signed here. 384 00:53:28.494 --> 00:53:39.684 I think that's where we ended up because the exactly where we said that we were gonna do was this three way thing and it's not everybody's thinking this is a land swap, but it's not. 385 00:53:39.684 --> 00:53:48.864 It's it is three three purchase sale agreement. So, I think if we did, if we already have that, we can put the contingencies in for new parcel. 386 00:53:48.894 --> 00:53:59.545 I think that would satisfy there, you know, concerns and allows us to move forward. So, think of you a letter of intent. That's just an interim stuff. 387 00:53:59.545 --> 00:53:59.784 And, 388 00:53:59.815 --> 00:54:01.675 but if we're I do that interim step, 389 00:54:01.675 --> 00:54:03.414 if I forget, 390 00:54:03.414 --> 00:54:03.925 though, 391 00:54:04.465 --> 00:54:06.414 the one complicating is, 392 00:54:07.164 --> 00:54:08.545 if we were going to wait on the, 393 00:54:09.025 --> 00:54:09.594 the transfer, 394 00:54:09.594 --> 00:54:10.255 the city for the, 395 00:54:10.675 --> 00:54:17.094 there's a portion of for it's in a parcel three that's in the current divisions property. 396 00:54:18.565 --> 00:54:30.744 So you would have to then do the transfer and then you would need then, then you would need some kind of work agreement for work permit from the, from the, for the city. We need some kind of work permit from the L. D. C. 397 00:54:30.744 --> 00:54:44.635 or whatever to do to build around about, against something. Look, I I feel bad for the board. They're, they're, they're really watching sausage being made here. We could probably take this offline with. 398 00:54:44.875 --> 00:54:55.704 But I think everybody gets a feeling here a flavor of what, you know, the multiple moving parts. I think they had some times in her email. 399 00:54:57.324 --> 00:55:10.945 So, we'll an email back to her and yeah. Why don't we I mean, I think That'll be teams members. You can see what we're trying to do here. So we could pick it up. And Paul, I'm wondering if we could, I don't have to do the survey. 400 00:55:10.945 --> 00:55:25.315 I wondered if we could do the line of sight on this drawing cause it would be more accurate than, you know, the, the first one that we did, which was the, I'll try to get a Russian server out. But my gut feeling is a letter of intent. 401 00:55:25.315 --> 00:55:39.054 Is better, I mean, Dominic, after you understanding this, he suggested it to I just think because of the, whatever the confusion right now with the roundabout being built, and it needs to be a city project. 402 00:55:39.054 --> 00:55:41.965 They think that's the piece that makes some more complicated. 403 00:55:42.420 --> 00:55:46.525 You know, they're waiting for a boundary survey, but whatever, but we will take it offline. 404 00:55:50.215 --> 00:55:58.764 This is Alice, and I would just say if there's something that requires board action, if you think that there might be to alert, because we would have to call a special meeting for that. 405 00:56:03.054 --> 00:56:17.335 It sounds like Bob we might need if though, if it does go for that, the letter of intent that would require a board meeting a board action. Yeah, we would. So, yep, yes, we would and understood. I know. I know. 406 00:56:17.335 --> 00:56:30.474 We've canceled summer meetings. I understood. Yep. So just say we would know because then Jack would need to notice the meeting, and we would need to call much likely to in the main meeting. Okay. Got it. 407 00:56:32.070 --> 00:56:33.594 So, go, where are we there? 408 00:56:36.655 --> 00:56:48.985 So we're waiting, I believe, on funding and then we will move to coordinate with the sellers attorney to set up that closing date. 409 00:56:50.545 --> 00:56:54.235 But do we have an idea Jack of when that might be? I know you and I've spoken a couple times, but. 410 00:56:55.315 --> 00:57:07.974 I don't know if that's anything's changed change. At this point, there's only one person that knows that's got okay. Paul is doing, you know, being diligent and reaching out to Caitlin. 411 00:57:09.385 --> 00:57:24.235 Heather is trying to do what he can here. She's, you know, the, the consensus on heather's part, she's worked for the state and stuff in the past that because of the weight and just the lack of funding at the state has for this pandemic. 412 00:57:24.744 --> 00:57:38.965 That the other just, I think the feeling is and I can kinda guess it too, that they're just clutching anything that they can't grab onto. That's not super high priority. So we're still waiting. 413 00:57:38.965 --> 00:57:40.045 That's about all I can do. 414 00:57:42.775 --> 00:57:57.445 I am limping along paying interest, which is probably around fifteen thousand per month between the two. So we're just I'm, I'm kinda stuck. I, I can't buy anything. 415 00:57:57.445 --> 00:58:11.155 I've got a stack of bills. Sorry, Lisa and Paul, you know, I've had a stack of bills, you know, six deep from them. I've got other bills to be paying taxes, et cetera, water bills, but I do, I'm kind of stuck. 416 00:58:11.155 --> 00:58:17.875 I have limited capacity for what I need. So, I mean, as soon as I know, then everybody else will know. 417 00:58:19.710 --> 00:58:34.164 Okay, alright, I'm more Rosie. Yeah, I guess the only good news is the good news. There is Caitlin has been in direct communication with MBT and given MBT a level of confidence about the pain itself. 418 00:58:37.045 --> 00:58:48.085 I think that's good. And so I, I do think it's coming. I think we just was hoping it's not a partial payment, right? Alright. 419 00:58:50.335 --> 00:59:02.215 Parcel I think that's what that was intertwined with the visions. That's what I was hoping old business words that have landscaping maintenance. 420 00:59:02.215 --> 00:59:13.045 What's going on with well, Dave short was out with us when it was out on the side with Brian and Jack and Mike Mahoney and. 421 00:59:14.099 --> 00:59:23.635 I think we told him that nobody appeared prepared to do that right now, unless he did it. I'm sure he was happy with that. 422 00:59:25.255 --> 00:59:33.775 Yeah, I think he said he figured that was coming related. Update you. 423 00:59:33.894 --> 00:59:48.264 The mayor asked me to reach out to Bob, the scientists from our landscaping to get a quote from him, which I did and I'm still waiting for for his quote. I asked him for an hourly rate. I think he had been taking care of it before. 424 00:59:50.005 --> 00:59:55.554 So, we're gonna get a, we're gonna get it cleaned up on where the other, right? 425 00:59:56.579 --> 01:00:06.414 Somehow, yes. Okay. Is there anything else from a sales? 426 01:00:06.414 --> 01:00:21.204 Something I would just say just pointing out one that you and I are doing a, you're doing a media interview tomorrow. So, look for that, but also about the next meeting dates. That are proposed is normal to not have the July and August meetings. 427 01:00:25.074 --> 01:00:34.224 And then if there's anything, that there's an update of in we now have this process where this LBC update memo follows this agenda. 428 01:00:34.530 --> 01:00:47.605 So, if we have any updates, we can put that together and get it out to the LBC and in July or August. Perfect. We're gonna we're gonna need to meet to recommend the award for the word stem extension. Correct? 429 01:00:50.755 --> 01:00:58.704 That's a city of work, you know, it is a city war, but I do think this city's gonna want. I do think city is gonna want a recommendation from the DC. 430 01:01:03.505 --> 01:01:05.275 So, do we need a July meeting when. 431 01:01:09.985 --> 01:01:11.815 The second debates come in in the second. 432 01:01:21.474 --> 01:01:35.184 We just do a quick zoom meeting or WebEx meeting with everybody. We'll need to make it a full board meeting. Right? Maybe a five or ten minute one that maybe can get all the, your thoughts on all. The bids are lease out to everybody. 433 01:01:35.184 --> 01:01:48.565 And then we can have a quick right meeting. Unfortunately, we probably can't do it by email. So, maybe that would be July fifteen. Th, which is our normal meeting date if that or do you need that sooner? Paul? 434 01:01:50.094 --> 01:02:04.644 Well, no, I well, sooner the better. I mean, we would, we would want to we want to get them started as soon as possible, because they have to finish this year. Oh, once you receive it. 435 01:02:05.485 --> 01:02:19.164 Sorry. Then, why don't you just kind of send it out to the primary team and then I can, I can set something up from there. Okay. I know that. We for you. And whenever you're in a comfortable position. Yep. Okay. 436 01:02:19.465 --> 01:02:34.434 I know that July, fourth week, or whatever, but, you know, if people are going places. So, I guess the question is, if we could say, right now, if you got them in on that Thursday, would you be prepared for that following Wednesday? 437 01:02:34.434 --> 01:02:39.175 The of the meeting, and that way, we could put it on folks calendars. Good point. 438 01:02:40.284 --> 01:02:55.195 Yeah, oh, yeah, I'd probably be prepared, you know, Friday afternoon, you know, it's gotta do a big canvas and, you know, Monday. So, Friday, Monday is fine too if we can do Monday might be better. 439 01:02:57.355 --> 01:03:04.735 July six does that work for LTC members on the line? Make it work? Yeah. 440 01:03:07.650 --> 01:03:22.554 Okay, so we'll say Monday, July, so that way that way Jack doesn't have to we don't have to scramble for notices and such such. I don't know. It's a good idea. That is the regular meeting, right? So it won't be a special meeting. 441 01:03:24.925 --> 01:03:26.635 We'll probably have on their mind. 442 01:03:29.875 --> 01:03:40.315 We'll do a four o'clock. Same time. Sorry? Yeah, Monday, July six? Yeah. Okay. Four o'clock. 443 01:03:43.824 --> 01:03:57.594 Okay, anything else not I can't get a motion to adjourn since we don't have a quorum, so thanks everybody. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. 444 01:04:01.614 --> 01:04:03.264 Wakes up has left the meeting.