Proposal Would Extend Time frame for Residents

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Proposal Would Extend Timeframe for Residents


Mayor Robert Palmieri and DPW Commissioner Dave Short today announced they will propose legislation to update the City’s outdated ordinance regarding green waste pickup. 


The current City ordinance does not allow for bulk green waste pickup and only permits 30 days of placing unlimited containers to the curb in the spring and 60 days in the fall to accommodate leaf pickup. 


The current 30-day period for the spring runs from April 15th- May 15th and the 60-day period for the fall from September 15th-November 15th


The proposal, contingent on approval from the Common Council, would allow bulk green waste for the spring to be placed at the curb for a 45-day period.  Furthermore, due to the erratic and unpredictable weather, the legislation would also allow for the start of the 45-day time frame to be determined at the discretion of the DPW Commissioner for the spring and fall each year, not an arbitrary date as it is currently legislated.


In an effort to keep City streets, culverts and sewer systems clean and maintained, the ordinance must be properly enforced.  If the bulk green waste is placed to the curb after the 45-day period, citations will be issued and residents will be given two days to have it containerized. 


If green waste is not containerized within that timeframe, the City will pick up the green waste and a charge will be placed on the property tax bill for the service.  Residents must containerize all green waste after the bulk green waste period ends as it helps keep the City’s sewer infrastructure clear, significantly reducing the impact when flooding occurs, and allows City personnel and resources to address other issues such as potholes.


The proposed legislation is a long term solution regarding green waste.  Due to the restrictions of the current ordinance and the weather we experienced this year, residents had limited time in placing bulk green waste to the curb.   To address the immediate issue, the Mayor has directed DPW to do one last bulk green waste pickup throughout the City which will begin immediately. 


Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri stated, “I have spoken to countless residents regarding green waste over the past several weeks and they have told me that 30 days was not enough time to properly dispose of their green waste, especially given the weather we experienced this year.  The residents are right, and that is why I am proposing legislation to extend bulk green waste to 45 days to provide our residents more time and better services.”

DPW Commissioner Dave Short stated, “The Mayor’s proposal would give residents more time to place their green waste at the curb and DPW personnel more flexibility to provide the services our residents deserve.  This legislation will go to great lengths in helping to address green waste and improve our sewer infrastructure.”

All other current regulations would remain the same.  If residents need to dispose of large amounts of green waste after the bulk pickup timeframe ends, there are several other options including calling the Oneida Herkimer Solid Waste Authority (OHSWA) who will pick it up for a fee or residents can drop off their green waste to OHSWA’s site on Leland Avenue at no cost.